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Spanatal Sugaring Paste will help you to get rid of hair quickly and painlessly!

Spanatal can make your skin smooth and silky

You are able to wear any clothes that you want without fear of rapidly growing hair, red spots after shaving or stuck wax after depilation

Because Spanatal Sugaring Paste is a scientifically developed remedy which consists of active ingredients that stop follicular cell activity and hair growth after long-term use!

  • Ingrediens are absorbed in the hair follicle
  • Effectively reduce the rate of hair growth
  • Spanatal is suitable for bikini area, underarms, legs, arms and other parts of the body
  • It is softer than other hair removal creams
  • Effective for hair of any hardness and structure

Spanatal Sugaring Paste the periods between depilation sessions become longer!

Don`t be surprised if one day you forget shaving at all!

Hair removing is everywhere you want!

Choose area

Underarms, legs or bikini area - for every woman beauty is her advantage!

Having too much hair for a woman isn`t good, but if it happens then– there is some evident problem.

Spanatal easily removes hair, keeps your skin healthy, stops hair growth. Due to effective ingredients Spanatal Sugaring Paste – removes hair quickly and without pain.

Long-term usage of the remedy makes your hair thin, weak and it`s gradually getting less.

Beauty isn`t a cruel mistress!

Specially selected ingredients don`t effect your skin in the negative way. This unique remedy Spanatal is perfect for any type of skin or hair and can be used for any body area

Your beauty needs Spanatal Sugaring Paste!

  • Hair is getting thinner
  • Hair is getting shorter
  • Hair growth is getting slower
  • The result is seen within 5 minutes

The synergistic action of all the ingredients Spanatal is achieved through fructose and glucose of Brazilian cane sugar, lemon juice and peel extract of walnut which effectively soothes, moisturizes and softens your skin.



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